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Casinos are a huge thing these days, and the sheer number of casinos coming up has increased competition in the market. Despite news of centres closing up due to malpractices or fraud there is no drop in excitement and popularity of casinos.

In such situations, we ensure that our casino stands out by ensuring that all our procedures and dealings are ethical and by strictly adhering to rules and regulations.

This helps us to stay in business and out of any legal hassles. But this is not enough to attract customers.

Guests and customers require attractive packages, numerous amenities and unmatched customer service.

We provide all required high class amenities as well as luxury settings for our guests to relax and enjoy the extravaganza. But all these are extra amenities, our main attraction is our beautiful casino with lush interiors and a welcome charm.

Service wise even our casinos are equipped with modern infrastructure and run by an experienced staff. We believe in regularly updating our games.

We also have regular maintenance procedures for all our tables and gaming machines to avoid possibilities of rigging or malfunctioning. The possibility of such instances are minimal due to our around the clock surveillance. One of the main reason contributing our popularity is the sheer number of variety we have in our games.

We have all the popular gambling as well games of chance in our casino. Additional to these we also house varieties of the same game to add to our guest’s experience and pleasure.

For the game Bingo alone we have around five varieties. Below our brief explanation of each type for your basic understanding.


Blackout is also called as overall in different casinos.

This type of bingo is played and the players have to match the number of their random generated numbers with the whole of the numbers present on the card.

The first player to match all of them wins.

2.Mini Bingo

As said before, we have a huge variety of games to choose from. some of our guests visit us for a limited amount of time and wish to experience playing on maximum different types of games. Or guests who do not wish spend more time on one game can opt for this method which is smaller version of the original game. A full version game usually has around seventy-five numbers. But a mini version just has around thirty numbers. Playing this provides the same feel as playing the full version Bingo but within lesser amount of time.

3.Reversal Bingo:

This type of bingo is also called as death bingo. This game is played with the same rules applied to original bingo but with reversed rules. This means that people will be eliminated on the basis of getting matched patterns or bingo’s. This game never fails to amuse its players. The last player standing without any matches actually wins the game.

In addition to these variations the traditional bingo games also played with the same zeal where in the random generated numbers are matched with the numbers on the card column wise progressing to full card This was all about our service and commitment towards bettering our services towards our guests. We just expect co-operation on part of our guests and have a certain of etiquettes that we expect our guests to display and practice for smooth hassle free operation.

We expect our guests to stop any conversation or exchange of information between themselves as soon as our dealer starts speaking. This is helpful for you as you will be able to understand about the happenings as well as help others to understand better. Also speaking while the dealer is communicating with the players will also be considered as a sign of disrespect towards the dealer.

Play with concentration, follow every instruction and claim Bingo only after careful observation to avoid confusion in the game.

Please be patient and do not leave the game while it is still on. Similarly, do not barge into an already in progress game.

Do not address our staff with any slang or disrespected words. Disrespect would not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Avoid smoking in the gaming area, always use the designated smoking zones, ask for directions if you are unable to find one.

Trying to cheat will be a futile experience in our casino by the presence of surveillance and experienced dealers, it is better if our guests do not take the risk of trying it.

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